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"The bioeconomy can contribute to global sustainable development if it respects planetary boundaries and does not deepen global and local inequalities."

Prof. Dr. Imme Scholz

President of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

The most important stages of the career

Deputy Director of the DIE

Head of the Department of Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management, DIE

Advisor to the Ministry of Environment of the State of Pará (Brazil) on behalf of GTZ, in the framework of the G7 Pilot Program for the Protection of Brazilian Tropical Forests

Doctorate at the Free University of Berlin

research associate at DIE

Assistant to the Economic Attaché of the Embassy of Chile in Germany1985-1990
Studies of sociology, political science, ev. theology at the Free University of Berlin 

Activities and Memberships

Vice Chair of the Council for Sustainable Development

Co-chair of the United Nations Independent Group of Scientists (2021-2023)

Member of the German Committee for Sustainability Research in Future Earth

Honorary professor at the Center for Ethics and Responsibility at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences


Imme Scholz is committed to strong international cooperation based on solidarity - for social-ecological transformation and the promotion of democracy and human rights.


  • International cooperation
  • Policy coherence

Future Challenges

  • Respecting planetary boundaries
  • Just transition towards sustainability
  • Sustainable innovation
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