What is the Bioeconomy Council?

The Bioeconomy Council advises the Federal Government on the implementation of the “National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030” and the “National Policy Strategy on Bioeconomy” with the aim of creating optimum economic and political framework conditions for a biobased economy.

The Bioeconomy Council is an independent, voluntary advisory body. Its 17 members cover a broad spectrum of the bioeconomy with their expertise. They identify important fields of action for policy development, search for ways and means towards sustainable solutions and present their findings in a global context. The Council’s recommendations and background papers are public (Publications).

The Council conducts an open dialogue with the general public to stimulate interest in biobased applications and to discuss their contribution to a more sustainable life style (Living environment in the bioeconomy). It also provides recommendations on how to support education and training as well as research and development (Council recommendations). In this respect, the Council’s activities are aligned with both long-term objectives and current political requirements.

The Bioeconomy Council would like to:

  • Support research and development in the knowledge-based bioeconomy
  • Set up positive framework conditions for a biobased economy
  • Improve training and professional development in the bioeconomy
  • Conduct an open dialogue with different societal stakeholder groups