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German Bioeconomy Council issues final call for action to politicians

Closing session 27 May 2019 © German Bioeconomy Council

26.06.2019 -

At the end of its seven-year term, the Council calls on the German government to do even more to encourage the transition to a sustainable and biobased economy.

The Federal Government’s Bioeconomy Council draws a positive balance of its seven-year term in office. A large number of bioeconomy research projects, initiatives and social networks have emerged in Germany and many other countries in recent years. In politics, the topic is more firmly anchored in the innovation and sustainability strategies than before 2012. However, this is only a partial success. "Now these advances must be anchored in society and the economy, especially in industry," says Council Chair  Christine Lang.

The Council appeals to German policymakers to engage strongly for the development of a sustainable and bio-based economy. The Council sees particular need for political action in four areas:

1. Promoting sustainable consumption and investment decisions by means of appropriate framework conditions and incentives so that companies can establish themselves with biobased innovations in Germany.

2. Ensuring policy coherence in order to advance the bioeconomy effectively and efficiently. The new strategy for the bioeconomy needs to be coordinated and implemented across departments. The coordination of the High-Tech Strategy could act as an example.

3. The bioeconomy can make a significant contribution to global food security, to climate, biodiversity and environmental protection and to a better quality of life. It is important to emphasize these contributions and to consider them in the national agendas on climate protection and sustainability.

4. Assuming responsibility and encouraging science, business and society to work together to shape the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy. In concrete terms, change requires a) an implementation plan for the new strategy, b) a platform that links the most important bioeconomy actors and initiatives in Germany, c) a new scientific advisory body consisting of independent experts and d) an umbrella concept for the societal dialogue and participation of the population.

"The alarming news about global species extinction has once again shown: We must now take action and worldwide bring our consumption and production behaviors in harmony with nature. The Bioeconomy offers important approaches and solutions for this," emphasizes Joachim von Braun, Chairman of the Council.


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