• Actively shaping a sustainable future

    26.06.2019 - At the end of its seven-year term, the Council calls on the German government to do even more to encourage the transition to a sustainable and biobased economy. More

  • Asian countries: strong roadmaps to bioeconomy

    14.03.2019 - The bioeconomy, which started out as an important sustainability strategy in Germany and the EU, is now showing great vitality in Asia. On 11 and 12 March 2019, a group of highlevel bioeconomy experts from around the world met at the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Beijing. More

  • Bioeconomy Council welcomes new EU strategy

    18.10.2018 - The European Commission has renewed the bioeconomy strategy and adopted a comprehensive action plan. 14 packages of measures aim to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular bioeconomy in Europe. More

  • Genome editing: Bioeconomy Council calls for new EU genetic engineering legislation

    17.09.2018 - The Bioeconomy Council proposes differentiated assessment of the technologies and calls upon policy-makers to modernise genetic engineering legislation. Otherwise Germany would remain out in the cold in this "biological revolution" and would have no say in shaping the necessary international regulations. More

  • Bioeconomy has to move up the global policy agenda

    19.04.2018 - The bioeconomy has yet to be appropriately included in international fora on innovation, climate, biodiversity and sustainable development policy. Therefore, bioeconomy needs its own independent global forum. This is what the 700 participants agreed upon at the second Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018 in Berlin. More

  • Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin

    11.04.2018 - Around 800 experts from more than 70 countries are expected to participate in the second Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin. High-ranking representatives from politics, science, civil society and the business sector will meet from 19 - 20 April to discuss the latest bioeconomy developments. In focus: opportunities and challenges for an increasingly biobased and sustainable economy. More

  • Advancing the Bioeconomy in this Legislative Period

    20.03.2018 - For a long time, Germany was seen as a pioneer in climate protection and especially in building up a biobased economy. The Federal Government's Bioeconomy Council sees indications that Germany will lose this leading position. The Bioeconomy Council appeals to the new Federal Government to once again treat the promotion of the bioeconomy as a cross-departmental core task and to create framework conditions conducive to innovation. More

  • Biologization and digitization of the economy complement each other – the new High-Tech Strategy

    15.05.2017 - The bioeconomy is one of six future topics recommended for Germany’s innovation policy by the prestigious High-Tech Forum. In addition to digitization, the biologization of industry and sustainable development are the key drivers for future progress. More

  • Biobased products