Animal feed with amino acids

A billion cattle are raised for livestock worldwide. In Germany more than 12 million animals are bred mainly as a source of milk and meat. Like people, cattle are dependent on tapping into food for their vital nutrients. This is especially true for the substances that the body cannot reproduce. Animal feed is therefore targeted with vitamins, trace elements and minerals to enrich it.
The supplement of essential amino acids such as lysine, threonine and methionine helps the animals get more out of their food – so more meat and milk is produced per kilogramme of feed. This helps to protect valuable plant resources.
More than a billion tonnes of lysine for the feed industry are produced annually worldwide. A chemical synthesis of lysine is not economical. Biotechnologists have therefore specifically programmed microorganisms to produce the amino acids on an industrial scale. This is done in huge steel containers in which the bacteria can multiply under optimal conditions.

Biobased products