Clothes made from milk

Milk is not only considered a healthy part of our diets, but also has the stuff to conquer the hearts of fashionistas. It is a raw material for the textile industry. And because the fibres can be produced from certain milk proteins, it has a lot to offer the fashion industry in particular.

In Germany, every year around 1.9 million tonnes of milk are accumulated which cannot be used in the food industry. This includes the colostrum from calving cows or the milk filtrate left over from cheese production. The protein casein however, can be used for industrial purposes. A company from Lower Saxony has developed a method by which the casein can be formed into fibres. 

During the manufacturing process whey is dried, mixed with liquid and pressed through a fine sieve. According to the manufacturer, significant amounts of water are saved in comparison to the processing of cotton. The biopolymer is naturally antibacterial and can be easily dyed. Wanting to make a difference with sustainably produced clothing, the company uses this material to produce yarn and textiles for its own fashion label. 

Biobased products