Ice cream made from lupins

Popular as a garden plant, lupins can even be used as a foodstuff. The sweet blue lupin and especially its seeds can be a valuable source of protein. German scientists have developed a process by which the lupin proteins can be used for food. The first commercial product is ice cream, which is already available in German supermarkets. The ice cream tastes sweet and creamy, similar to traditional ice cream, however its ingredients are purely plant-based. In addition to lupin proteins, it also contains rapeseed oil and other plant-based ingredients as well as unsaturated fats. The advantage: since the ice cream contains neither lactose nor gluten, it is tolerated by allergy sufferers. And even vegans, who would otherwise abstain from eating ice cream, can enjoy it too.

Lupin proteins are even said to have additional health promoting properties – for example, they may sink cholesterol. Even farmers are fans – with its deep-reaching roots, lupins make good soil conditioners. Furthermore, they do not need to be fertilized. Lupins get nitrogen directly from the air, which is essential for their growth. Moreover, by consuming plant-based instead of animal products, the loss of nutrients is reduced.

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