Roughcast made from microbes

Microorganisms in sewage plants are indispensable helpers in biological sewage purification. Certain bacteria can even be used at home like little cleaning elves – directly where waste is produced.
To avoid blockage in pipes and septic tanks and to prevent unpleasant odours, an Italian manufacturer has developed bioactive toilet paper. The spores of several naturally occurring bacterial species are sprayed onto the inner sides of adjacent layers of paper.
According to the manufacturer, the toilet paper is harmless to humans and animals, and the spores do not irritate the skin. Its only when the toilet paper comes into contact with the water that its special effect is released: the bacteria spores come to life, the microbes multiply and immediately begin to degrade biological matter and reduce nasty odours in the toilet pipe. Because the pulp structures are loosened from the paper, the bioactive product ensures that pipes are clear whilst protecting the sewage system at the same time.

Biobased products