Shoes made from plant fibres

Consumer goods made from recycled materials and renewable resources are in vogue – more and more customers are placing greater value in purchasing sustainable products. Sports equipment manufacturers have also latched onto this trend and have started developing textiles and shoes made from environmentally friendly leather and plastic. This involves, for example, reducing the use of chemicals used in tanning leather. Furthermore, pure vegetable leather manufactured from a blend of linen, cotton and vegetable oil, has been developed. The suppliers promote “vegan” products, which are made entirely without the use of animal products.
A German sportswear manufacturer has created a designer shoe, which according to the company, is comprised of 100% recycled polyester fibres. The rubber component of the outsole is substituted with a rice-husk filler that is a natural bi-product of the food industry, reducing the amount of overall rubber needed. This saves considerable fossil fuel energy and reduces CO2 emission – and the customer doesn’t compromise on style.

Biobased products