Toothpaste with bacteria

Tooth decay is a common disease that will affect almost every adult at some point in his or her lifetime. The trigger is harmful bacteria in plaque, which produces acids that can damage the tooth enamel. But now toothpaste can beat unwanted microorganisms using its own weapon.
The toothpaste contains natural lactic acid bacteria that specifically accumulate at the pathogens that cause tooth decay, and clump together with the harmful bacteria. The resulting aggregates can be easily removed from the mouth whilst brushing the teeth. Thus the probiotic microorganisms help to remove the caries pathogen much more effectively than conventional products.

The natural micro-organisms in Lactobacillus casei are manufactured to the standards of the food industry, and therefore meet high standards of safety and tolerability. After the production they are stabilised, dried and added to a prepared toothpaste cream. The product has been developed by a German biotechnology company, together with a large chemical company and is already available in the test market of Croatia.

Biobased products