Wall plugs made from castor beans

Before it disappeared into the wall in 1958, the wall plug briefly saw the light of day. Artur Fischer’s invention revolutionised wall mounting the world over. Before that, screws were laboriously embedded in concrete or plaster. Even today, Germany is still the land of the wall plug. And now some 50 years after its invention, the plug has undergone an innovation – it’s become green.
The biodegradable wall plug is a pilot project. It continues to function as a universal wall-mounting device and is made from plastic (polyamide), which is made from over 50 percent castor oil. Studies show that the sustainably produced products hold just as well as conventional plugs. However, production is currently still more expensive in comparison to conventional mounting devices. But according to the manufacturer, they are nevertheless selling like hot cakes in hardware stores. As a sustainable product, it sows the seeds for further bio-based materials.

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