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"Bioeconomic developments can support a sustainable development when respecting planetary bounderies, especially climate protection and biodiversity protection."

Dr. Beatrix Tappeser

Retired state secretary to the minister for environment, climate protection, agriculture and consumer protection

The most important stages of the career

State secretary at the Hessian Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Head of department at the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Head of department for biodiversity, nutrition und agriculture at the Öko-Institut e.V. Freiburg

Research assistant to the parliamentary group of the Green party within the Enquiry Commission „Chancen und Risiken der Gentechnik“

Research assistant at the institute for Monecular Biology and Biochemistry at FU Berlin 

Doctorate at the institute for Immunology and blood transfusion at Universität Bonn

Diploma degree in Biology

Activities and Memberships

Expert for the Deutsch-Französisches Zukunftswerk

since 2001 Supervisor of the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum

Member of the Vereinigung deutscher Wissenschaftler*innen, VdW

Member of the European Network for Scientist for Social and Environmental Responsibility ENSSER


Beatrix Tappeser is engaged in environmental questions with a special focus on biodiversity, agriculture and sustainable nutrition since more than 30 years. For a long time, she worked in risk assessment of agro genetic engeneering. As state secretary she promoted FSC certification of the state forest, growing of organic agriculture and a water ressource management.


  • Sustainable (organic) agriculture
  • Food sovereignty
  • Sustainable forestry

Future Challenges

  • Respect of the planetary boundaries 
  • Stop the loss of biodiversity
  • Stop climate change
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