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Bioeconomy Council hands over statement to Patermann and Kellner

Co-Chair of the Bioeconomy Council Daniela Thrän spoke via livestream at the 80th birthday of Christian Patermann at the BMWK. Christian Patermann is considered the father of the bioeconomy in Europe and on the occasion of his birthday more than 100 companions and bioeconomy stakeholders were present. During the event, the Bioeconomy Council handed over a statement on the impact of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine to Mr. Patermann and Mr. Kellner.

"If you want to change the world with research, you need an idea, perseverance and doers - all these ingredients are present in Christian Patermann", - Daniela Thrän, co-chair of the German Bioeconomy Council, in her speech honoring Patermann.

In addition to honoring Mr. Patermann, the Bioeconomy Council presented a statement to the jubilarian and Parliamentary State Secretary Mr. Kellner (BMWK). Titled "Bioeconomy between food and energy crisis", the statement of the Bioeconomy Council shows the impact of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine on the global energy and food crisis, as well as the chances of a sustainable bioeconomy to mitigate it. Through a rapid and comprehensive further development of the bioeconomy and its implementation, the food crisis can be mitigated and the energy and raw material turnaround can succeed.


The German Bioeconomy Council provides recommendations for policy measures to support food and feed supply and stabilize energy supply in the short term. In addition, medium- and long-term measures serve to make agricultural production more resilient, strengthen food sovereignty in Germany, Europe and the Global South, and reduce dependence on energy and raw material imports.


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