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Highlights of the panel discussion on the 1st working paper of the German Bioeconomy Council

In February, the German Bioeconomy Council (BÖR) hosted the State Secretaries Dr. Manuela Rottmann (BMEL) and Judith Pirscher (BMBF). The joint panel discussion with Prof. Daniela Thrän,  Dr. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein and Dr. Jürgen Eck revolved around the most urgent topics for shaping a sustainable bioeconomy in Germany.

The highlights of the discussion are shown in a 7-minute film on the BÖR Youtube Channel.

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The common goal of the ministries and the BÖR is to underpin the National Bioeconomy Strategy (NBÖS) with concrete measures that advance the necessary transformation towards a sustainable bioeconomy. This goal is well supported structurally within the framework of the interministerial working group, in which, according to Judith Pirscher, almost all ministries are represented.

The relevant spectrum of topics ranges from land use conflicts to the coherent design of a timber strategy, as Dr. Manuela Rottmann emphasized, to the question of the importance of value creation networks and how these should best be implemented.

Dr. Manuela Rottmann and Judith Pirscher are hoping for "clever impulses from the German Bioeconomy Council" on these issues, among others. The members of the BÖR emphasized that they are already in the middle of drafting recommendations and impulses that are to be concretized by the Bioeconomy Forum in September.

Following the discussion, the first working paper of the BÖR was handed over to the state secretaries of the BMBF and BMEL. More information on the event and the working paper for download can be found here.

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