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Statement on the European Bioeconomy Policy

The Bioeconomy Council provides feedback on the EU Commission's initiative "European Bioeconomy Policy: Stocktaking and Future Developments". The Council recommends, among other things, to drive forward the implementation of the bioeconomy in the European Green Deal.

In its roadmap, the EU Commission is calling on member states to provide feedback on the European Bioeconomy Strategy. The results are incorporated into a report on the further development of the strategy.

In its feedback, the Bioeconomy Council takes a position on relevant European topics such as

  • Sustainable transformation of the economy and closing of value chains in a circular economy,
  • Implementation of the bioeconomy in the European Green Deal,
  • Including climate change and climate adaptation in the strategy,
  • Coherent governance and participation to shape holistic transformation processes.

The EU Commission plans to publish the report on the Bioeconomy Strategy in the first quarter of 2022.

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